Music Supervision, Editing and Licensing

Music Supervisor - Rukkus House Sound and Music Production StudiosMusic Supervision, Editing and Licensing

Looking for the perfect song for a national ad campaign or that hit song heard first in your project?

Our Music Supervisors know how to wade through the mires of music licensing and cultural trends to search out the perfect music for your next project.

Add to this the fact that they have close relationships with a fantastic collection of songwriters around the world and you can see how we get the magic into your production.

Music licensing can be a legal minefield but our Music Supervisors can safely and expertly guide you through the process painlessly. After they find the perfect music for you, they’ll then take care of all the paperwork and negotiations.

Need unique music for your next project? Look no further!

Our skilled and talented music editors will mix and synchronize your film music with a sophisticated flair. Music can make or break a scene or poignant moment. Our music editors have an ear for balance and the ability to take your film or show to the next level. Let us show you how we do it!

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