Transmedia Integration

Transmedia Integration - Rukkus House Sound and Music Production StudiosTransmedia Integration Is…
Storytelling in the Digital Age

The key point of transmedia storytelling is to reach mass audiences using multiple media platforms.

Transmedia Integration is not about milking one storyline or set of characters and sending it across multiple platforms. (This is just cross channel distribution.) Transmedia goes deeper and requires an expert knowledge and appreciation of what each platform does best.

A transmedia production weaves together diverse storylines across multiple outlets as part of an overarching narrative structure and distributes these elements thru traditional and new media outlets.

If You Want Me To Choose You – Entertain Me!

These days, consumers are evaluating their options when it comes to what they’re going to watch and where they’re going to watch it. For example, original, scripted TV programming is being watched on platforms other than TV. So why not increase your reach by using multichannel tactics?

Integrating both online and offline channels makes good business sense because social media is producing solid, proven ROI. Social Media Delivers.

And Multichannel Integration Delivers More!

Our social media experts – with tight, creative integration and clarity of purpose – will transform your content into a true transmedia experience that will do what’s most important – entertain your audience!

Our latest project will be unleashed soon.
For now mum’s the word.