Video Services

Bringing Your Scripts to Life!

You’ve got a great idea! We can transform that idea into compelling media.

Imagine: A story set in an atmosphere of emotion.
Imagine: Directed talent, lighting arranged to convey just the right mood, shots professionally composed and framed.
Imagine: Your project brought to life!

Video Services - Rukkus House Sound and Music Production StudiosIt starts with us helping you to assess the purpose, target audience and intended effect of your video.

Then together, we develop rough ideas into a cohesive script and work out details in view of your budget and timeline.

From there we will locate, audition and choose voice and acting talent. And when everything is ready, we are prepared to shoot in a variety of settings – in studio or on location, scripted or live.

Once we’ve got the raw footage, our video experts (who bring over a decade of media production experience to your project) will use their artistic talents to weave together raw footage, graphics, effects and music.  The end result?  A seamless tapestry that will grab the attention of your audience and deliver your message with maximum impact.

From concept to completion, we can bring your scripts to life!

Video Services We Offer

Press Conferences
Corporate Events
Broadcast Commercials
Safety & Training Videos
Video Press Releases
Business Video Tours
Personal Video Bios
Talent Video Portfolios
Promotional pieces
Web and broadcast targets
Product Promotions
Live events
Studio shoots
Location shoots
Training material
Viral videos
Green Screen
Mini POV Camera
Time Lapse