Rukkus House Team

President  / Project Manager / Senior Designer /
Digital Media Producer

Gael is one of Canada’s half-dozen, pre-eminent, sound & music designers. She has produced, directed, supervised and created sound & music design for feature films, television movies, series & mini-series, animated shorts and documentaries in Canada and                                                    the US.

Gael has extensive knowledge of all aspects and phases of post-production, and as a former post-production studio executive where local and international film and television companies were served, she has, through experience, acquired strong expertise in business development, budgeting and project management.

  • 29 Feature films
  • 62 TV movies / series
  • 71 Animated shorts and films
  • 185+ Documentaries
  • Major Game title
  • Numerous mobile apps

In addition to being a post production wizard, she has produced and directed a wide variety of film, video and digital projects.  She has extensive knowledge of all aspects and phases of post-production and can help you with:

  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Project workflow planning
  • Hiring and coordination of all services

When it comes to RUKKUS HOUSE Sound & Music Production Studios, Gael wears a number of hats with style and creative excellence:

  • Post Production Supervisor
  • Transmedia Producer
  • Sound and Music Design / Editing Instructor
  • Music Supervision
  • Music Rights & Clearances

Gael is also the recipient of numerous Awards:

  • Genie Awards (2)
  • Leo Awards (11)
  • Gemini Award nominations (5)
  • Winner of the Golden Sheaf Award

Learn more about Gael:

Gael MacLean - IMDB View Gael MacLean's profile on LinkedIn

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Doug Paterson


Director of Technology/Re-recording Engineer/Sound Designer/Composer/Voice Recording Engineer

“Many people don’t realize how important a calibrated mix room is.  Only by working in a Dolby spec room, tested by a Dolby Labs qualified technician, can you be sure that what you hear is what you get.  The last thing you want is to hear a mix that sounds great in one room, only to have it sound completely different in another room.  That’s why the mix room at Rukkus House really works; you can trust what you hear in our room.”

Doug Paterson on why mixing in a calibrated room is so important.

Doug Paterson is a media technology expert with over 20 years of experience in the music, recording and film industries. RUKKUS HOUSE’ state-of-the art design and operations are built with Doug’s expertise and specialized talents and these skills make him the engineer of choice for voice recording in Vancouver.

Because Doug comfortably wears the hats of electronic media expert, voice recording specialist, senior re-recording mixer, composer, and Pro Tools HD expert (he’s worked on countless projects as diverse as feature films, corporate intersticials, TV shows and documentaries), he easily manages all aspects of the technological workflow. His relaxed, comfortable demeanour has proven to be an additional, valuable asset because it helps him to get the best performances from the voice actors he works with. Whether it’s editing dialogue or sweetening a mix with sound design, over the course of hundreds of voice productions, Doug has learned to never lose sight of his client’s goals and expectations.

 Recent voice recording projects include:

  • “Return of the Prairie Bandit”, a David Suzuki narrated documentary by director Kenton Vaughn
  • The audio book, “Dead or Alive”, by Tom Clancy narrated by Lou Diamond Philips.

 Doug has a passion for technology, sound and music, and is a member of the Audio Engineering Society. He has pioneered new techniques in Internet Portal playback for mixes and recording sessions utilizing cutting edge software technology. Now clients can sit in on recording and mixing sessions from the comfort of their own office or living room – wherever they are in the world.

 Doug’s most recent award is a 2010 Leo for the recent National Film Board of Canada documentary, ‘This Land’.

Learn more about Doug:

Doug Paterson - IMDB View Doug Paterson's profile on LinkedIn

Composer/Studio Support

Originally from the UK, Neil has lifelong experience in sound design and music composition. He has a comprehensive knowledge of film scoring and began creating music and sound montage for short films while studying at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication.

He began his career as an assistant engineer at Riverside Studios and worked alongside producers including John Leckie, Clive Langer and Steve Osborne on a number of record albums. In addition, he continued to score a range of international documentaries and independent features, adding to his eclectic range as a composer.

Neil also gained experience as a location & studio sound engineer for Real World Studios, BBC Television Centre, Pearson Television, ASA Productions, the NFB, the BBC Proms and the Wimbledon Championships.

A comprehensive knowledge of film scoring has also served him well. His work now features prominently on international projects for the BBC, BSkyB, UKTV, Knowledge Network, The Commonwealth Broadcasting Association and numerous independent productions.

Neil has been working with Rukkus House since its inception and continues to bring his talent and enthusiasm to a broad range of our projects.

Sound Designer / Composer /Audio Engineer

Jeremy’s work experience is vast and varied. From the SFX editorial department at Ocean studios on the Toei animated series Dragon Ball Z, to the dialogue editorial department for the English dubbing localization of the 52 episode Bandai animated series Gundam Wing. His work on the Gundam franchise included three feature length animations (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz / First Gundam /and Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counter Attack), as well as five Sony Playstation II titles. He has also recorded dialogue for many Bandai, Viz Media, Toei, Sunrise and Hasbro animation series at Ocean Studios and Westwood Media in Vancouver, and Blue Water Studios and Sundae Sound in Calgary.

As a sound supervisor, mixer, original score composer and sound designer, Jeremy has garnered credits which include nine feature length dramas, four feature length documentaries and thirty-two short films. He also scored original music for two complete television series (Wine Sense and Life With An Accent), the latter of which earned him a 2011 Leo Nomination for Musical Score in a Dramatic Series. Rukkus House is very pleased to have him on board.

Localization Expert

Nevin brings a very specialized skill to our management team. In addition to being a localization expert, he has lived with his family north of Kyoto since 1994 where he developed his mastery of the Japanese language. He has written high-level PR copy as part of large, complex, strategic projects for Fortune 50 corporations in Japan and has worked extensively with teams while meeting tight production deadlines.

He brings business-focused creativity to Japanese-to-English localization at RUKKUS HOUSE where he comes to us after completing a substantial volume of Japanese-to-English premium script for Japan’s top television broadcasters. His knowledge-base ranges from Chinese numerology, Japanese folk beliefs and regional dialects to advanced technology, industrial policy and corporate strategic communications. His main focus, however, is translating content creatively (yet faithfully) and capturing the spirit of the original Japanese source material in a way audiences around the world can understand and enjoy.